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Barcode Solutions

Accurate, up-to-date inventory tracking is here. We provide many techniques that allow you to scan product barcodes in inventory using wireless scanners, iPhones, iPad Mini, Androids, Tablets, iPod Touch, Mac OS, iPads, Windows and Wired Barcode Scanners to update your perpetual food service inventory system. You can scan all Gtins barcodes and UPC's.

There is also a Serial Numbering system that allows you to assign each case of Highly Sensitive product on stickers generated with QRcode technology with a serial number, invoice number, company,  cost, HACCP information,or any custom information you want to add to the Stickers. Also some products do not have Barcodes, so you can print these as well.

I find that receiving is easier manually and then adding the product into inventory with the companies item number off of the invoice. You can scan in the product at time of delivery as well.

Do not be afraid if you are a smaller operation. How many times do the employees get the inventory wrong? Get accurate counts and set pars to order directly from your Iphone via email or fax.

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